Sensitive Item Storage

Sensitive Item Storage

The storage of highly sensitive items is not just about keeping them secure, it’s about keeping them accounted for. At Stanley Vidmar, we’ve developed a full line of storage solutions designed to keep sensitive items in the right hands and the right hands only.

  • High-security military storage components that allow you to store, protect, and account for sensitive items
  • Solutions range from a warehouse full of weapons to a roomful of sensitive documents
  • An array of locking systems for varying security and access needs (see below)
  • Backed by our lifetime warranty

Sensitive item storage solutions include:

  • Modular Storage Cabinets
  • Shelf Cabinets
  • Overhead Cabinets
  • Vertical Display Cabinets
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Mobile Storage Cabinets
  • Workstations
  • Technical Benching
  • Vertical Lift Systems
  • Mezzanine Storage Systems
  • ESD Cabinets
  • ESD Workstations
  • Toolboxes

Locking systems include:

  • Master Locking Systems—allow different shifts and/or personnel to have access to specific cabinets or drawers.
  • Hinge Lock Bars—secured with a padlock, double-action hinge lock bars provide extra cabinet security (ideal for mobile/shipboard applications).
  • Security Drawers & Top Panels—lock specific drawers independent of cabinet locks. Security top panel prevents unauthorized access even if drawer is removed.
  • Electronic Locks—copy-resistant, includes a programmable access code, built-in safeguards, and backup key entry.

Shelf door locks, individual drawer padlock feature, and single drawer release feature also available.

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